I wear HKA USA gear 4 hours a day on average and I have seen no wear and tear after months of elite level training, from hitting bags to faces. Plus, their ability to customize as I wish in a friendly speedy manner is unmatched!

Miranda Maverick (Professional Fighter)

I’m very happy with the quality of these gloves. They fit perfectly around my hands and my punches feel like they are landing more solidly. The wrist support is awesome.”

Evan Elder (Professional Fighter)

I bought two pairs of gloves and recently designed my own custom pair. These gloves are durable and they don’t crack or break. I use them on the heavy bag and for light sparring and I love them.

Mando Gutierrez (Professional Fighter)

Built for comfort

HKA USA Athlete & Professional MMA Fighter: David "Babyhulk" Wilson

Never Giveup

HKA USA Athlete & Professional MMA Fighter: Evan Elder