Hand Wraps

  • Package Contains: (2) wraps (1) for each hand that measures 2 inches wide by 180 inches long.  
  • Protect your hands and wrists.
  • Our Mexican style hand wraps can be worn on their own for speed bag work or with your gloves when striking the heavy bag, target mitts or sparring.
  • Latex-free cotton nylon elastic blend is breathable and conforms to your hand and wrist like a second skin providing a comfortable fit and feel.
  • Featuring an extra-wide Velcro closure system with a thumb loop for a custom fit.
  • Cleaning your wraps is easy as they are machine washable and dryer safe so you can have them cleaned up in no time for your next training sessions.
  • Designed to help support and protect your hands and wrists with the comfort, and convenience you expect in a Mexican Style hand wrap.  


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