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Starter line MMA Sparring Gloves-Black

Starter line MMA Sparring Gloves-Black

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  • Tri-Layer knuckle padding with squared hand and palm padding for maximum protection.
  • Synthetic Leather Blend.
  • Inner-palm shock absorption bar. 
  • 12 inch lightly padded Velcro strap to fasten gloves securely and aid in wrist support.


  • Size/Circumference: Small is less than 8.25″/ Medium is between 8.25″ and 9″/ Large is between 9″ and 9.75″/ X Large is between 9.75″ and 10.5
  • The pre-curved design to help reduce chance of eye poke while sparring or grappling, while aiding in keeping a closed fist. 
  • Dual-X closure for wrist stabilization.
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